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A Diamond Jubilee Stakes win by between 4.0 and 5.9 lengths for champion mare Black Caviar has been opened as the $2.80 favourite by online bookmaker

Those who think Black Caviar can record a win similar to that of Frankel can take the $3.40 on offer for a 6.0 length or more triumph.

“The market is saying she will win and win by a decent margin,”’s Ben Hawes said.

“Peter Moody did say he might ask Luke Nolen to let the brakes off during the race and if that happens who knows how far she will win by!”

Black Caviar is now into $1.22 to win the Diamond Jubilee Stakes following several bets of $10,000 with this morning alone.

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Black Caviar’s Diamond Jubilee Stakes winning margin
$2.80   4.0 to 5.9 lengths
$3.40   6.0 lengths or more
$4.20   2.0 to 3.9 lengths
$5.00   Does not win
$7.50   Dead heat to 1.9 lengths

Diamond Jubilee Stakes
$1.22   Black Caviar               (in from $1.25)
$9.00   Moonlight Cloud         (steady)
$13      Society Rock                (steady)
$15      Ortensia                      (steady)
$17      Bated Breath               (steady)
$17      Hoof it                         (steady)
$21      Sepoy                           (steady)
$21      Krypton Factor            (steady)
$21      Wizz Kid                       (steady)
$21      Little Bridge                (steady)
$26      Power                          (steady)

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