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The Melbourne Cup is the biggest and most anticipated horse racing event on the Australian calendar. Every year, this race manages to attract a high quality field from around the world, who compete for $6.2 million worth of prize money. The past winners list for the Melbourne Cup reads like a who’s who of Australian horse racing, with international horses also starting to have an impact on the “race that stops a nation.”

Some of the most famous winners of the Melbourne Cup include inaugural champion Archer who won the first two events, the legendary Phar Lap, and the sole triple Melbourne Cup winner between 2003-05, Makybe Diva. However, the list certainly does not stop there, with other notable Melbourne Cup winners including Carbine in 1890, Peter Pan in 1932 & 1934, Comic Court in 1951, Rising Fast in 1954, Galilee in 1966, Rain Lover in 1968 & 1969, Kiwi in 1983, Vintage Crop in 1993, Saintly in 1996, and Might And Power in 1997.

International horses have started to have a big impact on the Melbourne Cup, which is now the richest handicap event in the entire world. Irish horse Vintage Crop won the Cup in 1993, with trainer Dermot K Weld returning to win another Melbourne Cup with European horse Media Puzzle in 2002. Japanese horse Delta Blues also won the event in 2006, with the two most recent Melbourne Cup winners, Americain in 2010 and Dunaden in 2011, both prepared in France.

Year Winner Jockey Trainer Owner Time
2011 Dunaden Christophe Lemaire Mikel Delzangles Pearl Bloodstock Pty (Mgr. R Levitt) 3.20.84
2010 Americain Gérald Mossé Alain de Royer-Dupre Gerry Ryan, K. C Bamford 3.26.87
2009 Shocking Corey Brown Mark Kavanagh Eales Racing Pty Ltd 3.23.87
2008 Viewed Blake Shinn Bart Cummings Tan Chin Nam, et al. 3.20.40
2007 Efficient Michael Rodd Graeme Rogerson Lloyd Williams et al. 3.23.34
2006 Delta Blues Yasunari Iwata Katsuhiko Sumii Sunday Racing Co Ltd 3.21.47
2005 Makybe Diva Glen Boss Lee Freedman Emily Krstina Syndicate 3.19.17
2004 Makybe Diva Glen Boss Lee Freedman Emily Krstina Syndicate 3.28.55
2003 Makybe Diva Glen Boss David Hall Emily Krstina Syndicate 3.19.90
2002 Media Puzzle Damien Oliver Dermot K. Weld Dr M. W. Smurfit, et al. 3.16.97
2001 Ethereal Scott Seamer Sheila Laxon P. J. & P. M. Vela 3.21.08
2000 Brew Kerrin McEvoy Mike Moroney Gurner’s Bloodstock Co. 3.18.68
1999 Rogan Josh John Marshall Bart Cummings Mrs W. L. Green, et al. 3.19.64
1998 Jezabeel Chris Munce Brian Jenkins A. K. Burr, et al. 3.18.59
1997 Might and Power Jim Cassidy Jack Denham Mr N. Moraitis 3.18.33
1996 Saintly Darren Beadman Bart Cummings Dato Tan Chin Nam, et al. 3.18.80
1995 Doriemus Damien Oliver Lee Freedman Pacers Australia Syndicate 3.27.60
1994 Jeune Wayne Harris David Hayes Shadwell Racing 3.19.80
1993 Vintage Crop Michael Kinane Dermot K. Weld Dr M. W. Smurfit 3.23.40
1992 Subzero Greg Hall Lee Freedman D H K Investments 3.24.70
1991 Let’s Elope Steven King Bart Cummings Shoreham Park Syndicate 3.18.90
1990 Kingston Rule Darren Beadman Bart Cummings Mr & Mrs D. H. Hains 3.16.30
1989 Tawrrific Shane Dye Lee Freedman B. F. Avery, et al. 3.17.10
1988 Empire Rose Tony Allan Laurie Laxon Mr & Mrs F. R. Bodle 3.18.90
1987 Kensei Larry Olsen Les J. Bridge K. M. Mitchell, et al. 3.22.00
1986 At Talaq Michael Clarke C S Hayes Shadwell Racing 3.21.70
1985 What A Nuisance Pat Hyland John Meagher Lloyd & Suzy Williams 3.23.00
1984 Black Knight Peter Cook George Hanlon Robert Holmes à Court 3.18.90
1983 Kiwi Jim Cassidy Ewen S. Lupton Mr & Mrs E. S. Lupton 3.18.90
1982 Gurner’s Lane Mick Dittman Geoff T. Murphy Williams St. Syndicate No 2 3.21.20
1981 Just A Dash Peter Cook T J Smith Lloyd J. Williams, et al. 3.21.20
1980 Beldale Ball John Letts C S Hayes Swettenham Stud Syndicate 3.19.80
1979 Hyperno Harry White Bart Cummings Mr & Mrs T. L. North, et al. 3.21.80
1978 Arwon Harry White George Hanlon Doon Bros Syndicate 3.24.30
1977 Gold and Black John Duggan Bart Cummings Mr & Mrs J. Harris, et al. 3.18.40
1976 Van der Hum Robert J. Skelton Len H. Robinson L. H. & R. A. Robinson, et al. 3.34.10
1975 Think Big Harry White Bart Cummings Tan Chin Nam, et al. 3.29.60
1974 Think Big Harry White Bart Cummings Tan Chin Nam, et al. 3.23.10
1973 Gala Supreme Frank Reys Ray J. Hutchins J. P. Curtain 3.19.50
1972 Piping Lane John Letts George Hanlon R. W. Trinder 3.19.30
1971 Silver Knight R. Bruce Marsh Eric Temperton Sir W. Norwood 3.19.50
1970 Baghdad Note Midge Didham Robert Heasley E. C. S. Falconer 3.19.70
1969 Rain Lover Jim Johnson Mick L. Robins Clifford A Reid 3.21.50
1968 Rain Lover Jim Johnson Mick L. Robins Clifford A. Reid 3.19.10
1967 Red Handed Roy Higgins Bart Cummings F. W. Clarke, et al. 3.20.40
1966 Galilee John Miller Bart Cummings Mr & Mrs M. L. Bailey 3.21.90
1965 Light Fingers Roy Higgins Bart Cummings W. J. Broderick 3.21.10
1964 Polo Prince Ron Taylor John P. Carter Mr & Mrs L. W. Davis 3.19.60
1963 Gatum Gatum Jim Johnson H. Graeme Heagney M. P. Reid 3.21.10
1962 Even Stevens Les Coles Arch McGregor James Wattie 3.21.40
1961 Lord Fury Ray Selkrig Frank B. Lewis Mr & Mrs N. S. Cohen 3.19.50
1960 Hi Jinx William A. Smith Trevor H. Knowles T. H. Knowles & K. R. Sly 3.23.75
1959 Macdougal Pat Glennon Richard W. Roden R. N. & N. H. B. Brown 3.23.00
1958 Baystone Mel Schumacher Jack Green R. A. & N. Burns 3.21.25
1957 Straight Draw Noel L. McGrowdie J. M. Mitchell Ezra Norton 3.24.50
1956 Evening Peal George Podmore E. D. Lawson Mr & Mrs R. White 3.19.50
1955 Toparoa Neville Sellwood T J Smith N. H. McDonald 3.28.25
1954 Rising Fast Jack Purtell Ivan Tucker L. R. Spring 3.23.00
1953 Wodalla Jack Purtell Robert Sinclair E. A. “Ted” Underwood 3.23.75
1952 Dalray Bill Williamson C. C. McCarthy C. Neville 3.23.75
1951 Delta Neville Sellwood Maurice McCarten Adolph Basser 3.24.25
1950 Comic Court Pat Glennon J. M. Cummings R. A., J. D. & A. J. Lee 3.19.50
1949 Foxzami William Fellows D. Lewis L. G. Robinson 3.28.50
1948 Rimfire Ray Neville Stan Boyden H. G. Raymond 3.21.00
1947 Hiraji Jack Purtell J. W. McCurley Fred W. Hughes 3.28.00
1946 Russia Darby Munro E. Hush J. G. Leeds & E. Hush 3.21.25
1945 Rainbird Billy Cook S. Evans Clifford A. Reid 3.24.25
1944 Sirius Darby Munro E. Fisher R.Turnbull 3.24.50
1943 Dark Felt Vic Hartney Ray Webster J. A. Cain 3.23.25
1942 Colonus H. McCloud F. Manning L. O. Menck 3.33.25
1941 Skipton Billy Cook J. Fryer J. J. Kitson 3.23.75
1940 Old Rowley Andy Knox J. A. Scully J. A. Scully 3.26.00
1939 Rivette Teddy Preston Harry Bamber Harry Bamber 3.27.00
1938 Catalogue F. Shean Mr. Allan McDonald[14] Mrs. A. Jamieson 3.26.25
1937 The Trump Ashley Reed S. W. Reid E. Eccles 3.21.50
1936 Wotan Ossie Phillips J. Fryer T. A., W. & R. Smith 3.21.25
1935 Marabou K. Voitre Lou Robertson J. Fell & T. Hogan 3.23.75
1934 Peter Pan Darby Munro Frank McGrath, Sr. Rodney R. Dangar 3.40.50
1933 Hall Mark J. O’Sullivan Jack Holt C. B. Kellow 3.27.50
1932 Peter Pan Bill Duncan Frank McGrath, Sr. Rodney R. Dangar 3.23.25
1931 White Nose N. Percival E. J. Hatwell H. P. McLachlan 3.26.00
1930 Phar Lap James E. Pike Harry R. Telford Harry R. Telford and David J. Davis 3.27.75
1929 Nightmarch Roy Reed A. McAulay A. Louisson 3.26.50
1928 Statesman James L. Munro William Kelso William Kelso 3.23.25
1927 Trivalve Bobby Lewis James Scobie E. E. D. Clarke 3.24.00
1926 Spearfelt Hugh Harold Cairns V. O’Neill D. C. Grant 3.22.75
1925 Windbag James L. Munro George R. Price R. Miller 3.22.75
1924 Backwood Bunty Brown Richard Bradfield E. Baillieu, et al. 3.26.50
1923 Bitalli Titch Wilson James Scobie A. T. Craig 3.24.25
1922 King Ingoda Titch Wilson James Scobie C.L. Dubois/R.W. Bennett 3.28.25
1921 Sister Olive Teddy O’Sullivan J. Williams F. W. Norman 3.27.75
1920 Poitrel Ken Bracken H. J. Robinson W. & F. A. Moses 3.25.75
1919 Artilleryman (horse) Bobby Lewis P. T. Heywood Sir S. Hordern/A.D. Murphy 3.24.50
1918 Night Watch Bill Duncan Richard Bradfield C. L. Macdonald 3.25.75
1917 Westcourt William H. McLachlan Joe Burton D. U. Seaton 3.26.75
1916 Sasanof F. Foley M. Hobbs W.G. Stead/E.S. Luttrell 3.27.75
1915 Patrobas Bobby Lewis C. Wheeler Mrs E. A. Widdis 3.28.25
1914 Kingsburgh George Meddick Isaac Foulsham L. K. S. Mackinnon 3.26.00
1913 Posinatus A. Shanahan J. Chambers J. Chambers 3.31.00
1912 Piastre A. Shanahan R. O’Connor W. Brown 3.27.50
1911 The Parisian R. Cameron C. Wheeler J. F. Kirby 3.27.75
1910 Comedy King William H. McLachlan James Lynch Sol Green 3.27.75
1909 Prince Foote William H. McLachlan Frank McGrath, Sr. John Brown 3.27.50
1908 Lord Nolan J. R. Flynn E. A. Mayo J. Mayo 3.28.75
1907 Apologue Bill Evans Isaac Earnshaw R. L. Cleland 3.27.50
1906 Poseidon Tom Clayton Isaac Earnshaw Sir Hugh Denison 3.31.25
1905 Blue Spec Frank Bullock Walter Hickenbotham P. A. Connolly 3.27.50
1904 Acrasia Tom Clayton A. E. Wills H. Oxenbarn 3.28.25
1903 Lord Cardigan Norman Godby A. E. Cornwell J. Mayo 3.29.25
1902 The Victory Bobby Lewis Richard Bradfield W. Clark & L. Robinson 3.29.00
1901 Revenue Frederick J. Dunn Hugh Munro C. Leslie Macdonald 3.30.50
1900 Clean Sweep Andrew Richardson James Scobie F. T. Forrest 3.29.00
1899 Merriwee V. Turner James Wilson, Jr. Herbert Power 3.36.50
1898 The Grafter John Gough William “Black Bill” Forrester William “Black Bill” Forrester 3.29.75
1897 Gaulus Stephen Callinan William “Black Bill” Forrester William “Black Bill” Forrester 3.31.00
1896 Newhaven H. J. Gardiner Walter Hickenbotham W. T. Jones & S. Cooper 3.28.50
1895 Auraria J. Stevenson J. H. Hill D. James 3.29.00
1894 Patron Henry G. Dawes Richard Bradfield F. W. Purches 3.31.00
1893 Tarcoola Herbert Cripps Joseph Cripps J. D. Lewis 3.30.50
1892 Glenloth G. Robson M. Carmody M. Carmody 3.36.25
1891 Malvolio G. Redfearn J. Redfearn J. Redfearn 3.29.25
1890 Carbine Robert Ramage Walter Hickenbotham D. S. Wallace 3.28.25
1889 Bravo James Anwin T. Wilson W. T. Jones 3.32.50
1888 Mentor Mick O’Brien Walter Hickenbotham D. S. Wallace 3.30.75
1887 Dunlop Tommy Sanders J. Nicholson R. Donovan 3.28.50
1886 Arsenal W. English H. Rayner W. Gannon 3.31.00
1885 Sheet Anchor Mick O’Brien T. Wilson Martin Loughlin 3.29.50
1884 Malua Alick Robertson Isaac Foulsham J. O. Inglis 3.31.75
1883 Martini-Henry J. Williamson Michael Fennelly Hon. James White 3.30.50
1882 The Assyrian C. Hutchins J. E. Savill J. E. Savill 3.40.00
1881 Zulu Jim Gough T. Lamond C. McDonnell 3.32.50
1880 Grand Flaneur Thomas Hales T. Brown William A. Long 3.34.75
1879 Darriwell S. Cracknell W. E. Dakin W. Rawlinson 3.30.75
1878 Calamia T. Brown Etienne de Mestre Etienne de Mestre 3.35.75
1877 Chester P. Pigott Etienne de Mestre Hon. James White 3.33.50
1876 Briseis Peter St. Albans James Wilson, Sr. James Wilson, Sr. 3.36.25
1875 Wollomai R. Batty S. Moon H. Sharp 3.38.00
1874 Haricot P. Pigott S. Harding A. Chirnside 3.37.50
1873 Don Juan W. Wilson James Wilson, Sr. W. Johnstone 3.36.00
1872 The Quack W. Enderson John Tait John Tait 3.39.00
1871 The Pearl J. Cavanagh John Tait John Tait 3.39.00
1870 Nimblefoot J. Day W. Lang W. Craig 3.37.00
1869 Warrior J. Morrison R. Sevior A. Saqui 3.40.00
1868 Glencoe C. Stanley John Tait John Tait 3.42.00
1867 Tim Whiffler John Driscoll Etienne de Mestre Etienne de Mestre 3.39.00
1866 The Barb W. Davis John Tait John Tait 3.43.00
1865 Toryboy E. Cavanagh P. Miley B. Marshall 3.44.00
1864 Lantern S. Davis S. Mahon H. Fisher 3.52.00
1863 Banker H. Chifney Sam Waldock J. Harper 3.44.00
1862 Archer John Cutts Etienne de Mestre Etienne de Mestre 3.47.00
1861 Archer John Cutts Etienne de Mestre Etienne de Mestre 3.52.00
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